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About Us

Today Afterpay has millions of customers globally. Our focus continues to be supporting our community of responsible spenders because this is good for the retailers that pay us and good for our community of Afterpay customers who tell us they love Afterpay because it helps them plan and budget. ©

Our Story

As our company went global, and experienced a great amount of growth, we need to move away from our old legacy platforms and environments as we pushed further and further into cloud.  From past experiences working with CTM Professional Services, we knew, they could help us find a faster, better way of delivering our solutions, to ensure end user and customer satisfaction. As soon as we told CTM our requirements, they helped us find the right solution at the right price point.

Together with CTM we have now opened a new DC transit and office location with full cloud capabilities and orchestration into San Francisco in less than 3 months. Our plans to continue growing our presence globally has been made simple through CTM’s design architecture for cloud based templates. We opted for the full SDx environment:

1. DC and Campus through Arista Cloudvision; quick, easy, affordable and straightforward SDN

2. SDWAN with Forcepoint; Next Generation Firewalls with SDWAN management via SMC

3. SD-Wifi with Arista Mojo; I’ve never seen any wifi like it. It shows you everything in one single orchestration portal and took minutes to setup.

CTM continues to deliver excellence through their technical and delivery management consultants and we see a big future ahead of us thanks to their efforts.

Global head of Infrastructure – Technology