Express Data Centre Deployment – Six months, start to finish, interstate and interconnected

CTM designed, planned, built and integrated a brand new datacentre for Australia’s biggest online betting agency in record time. When the going gets tough, CTM shines brightest. We strategize, prioritize and mobilize at a cost that our competition simply cannot match.

IT Operations Manager

“They helped us meet our timelines without fuss.”

Unstoppable Networks – CTM understands that critical infrastructure simply cannot go down

We designed and delivered a five 9s integration network, not once, but twice for Australia’s leader in e-Settlements. That’s 99.999% uptime per year in a geo-redundant architecture with directional failover. Stand-by DCs are cool, but active/active is hot.

Head of Corporate Technology

“CTM is very professional in their project delivery. No issue is too small to be looked into.”

Global Transformation – Global architecture requires global reach

CTM can support environments across the world as we follow the sun and maintain active staff in business hours across all time zones. In 2020, CTM helped take Australia’s biggest fintech export reach the rest of the world by building the network they needed to access global markets. Services that were once limited to Australia could now be accessed globally allowing our client to grow exponentially.

Programme Manager

“It was great to have a team that focused on us. We are always made to feel like we are their most important customer.”

Compliant Hosting – Focus your resources on growing your business by saving on compliant network infrastructure

We provide managed environments for a national recruitment agency by hosting their data in our ISO27001 compliant colocations. CTM report, advise and assist in compliance matters so that you can focus your effort on doing what your business does best.

General Manager, Technology

“You took away the headaches. The team was always available to assist and provide the information we needed.”

Controlled Change Management – Changes to critical systems are always risky

That’s why we architect to your needs and ensure that critical production environments adhere to strict change controls. Our Change Approval Board (CAB) reviews all changes and assesses for risk and impact so that you can be sure that your systems are always running when needed. CTM’s redundant and automatic failover architectures underpin one of Australia’s most exciting media and broadcasting data providers. With CTM they can be sure their critical data never stops flowing.

Infrastructure Manager

“You guys are honestly second to none in customer support.”