CTM Professional Services offers a range of technical services to suit your needs. We take the time to understand your business and its goals, and our professional consultants work with you to design and deliver your solutions.

Managed Networks and Security

CTM provides proactive management of network availability and performance with our tier 1 monitoring platform. We supply dashboard that provides instant access to network visibility for all network performance needs and network changes in real time, maintained by our 24×7 Network Operations Centre.

Cloud monitoring, single panel, IOT

Managed SD WAN

Our network security management services combines the latest in software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technologies and utilize the industry’s leading next generation firewall (NGFW) security vendors. Our managed SD-WAN will help you reduce your licencing cost while maintaining security compliance. Ask us how we can manage your WAN solution.

Managed WIFI

Our cloud-managed WiFi solution is based on a radical vision for creating networks that reach new heights in performance, security, scalability, and with better performance. As we launch into the new era of IOT, CTM managed wifi is a quick to deploy and cost effective solution for both small business and large enterprise. Reach out to our sales teams for a live demo of Arista Cognitive Wifi: Mojo, a faster better wireless experience.

Project Delivery

CTM provides End to End Secured Network services, while leveraging the latest technology to assist our customers with minimal downtime and increase productivity. Delivering all sizes of network security projects, we have the experience to help you reach your next goal. We provide ad-hoc projects, transformation builds, moves add and changes, as well as full project delivery teams specializing in helping you build your SDx.

Technical Consultants

Our Certified Network Consultants ranging from technical to principal consultants take accountability of establishing the networking environment through a step by step breakout of work packages. Together, they help you decide on requirements, designing, planning through to build and handover of all complex changes while following ITIL best practice.

Project Management

Our project manager work with stakeholders to create a work breakdown structure of the requirements, and develop a schedule, unify people and teams, get to know the business, deliver to approved and governed IT Architecture and deliver on project objectives within the guided timelines. We assist our customers to best represent the goals and achievements of the project and ensure a steady stream of communications end to end.

Staff Augmentation

All of our consultants have been on the other side of the fence, consultants at CTM can quickly adapt to your organisation’s needs and requirements, learning the environment in a short time span and utilizing highly certified skills to ensure quality delivery of BAU or Project tasks. We have the ability to help companies scale up or down in very short time frames, and empower you to expand your assets to meet your corporate needs on short term or long term engagements. The beauty of our augmentation services, is that it’s not one consultant or one engineer that you hire. We give you a face that represents the entire team at CTM, this allows the individual’s access to the entire skillset that CTM have to offer.