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Software Defined Datacentre

Arista Networks has championed the guiding cloud principles of cloud leaders with network designs serving private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, enterprise and high-performance network use cases.

These include the use of open APIs, cloud automation features, and self service provisioning and deployment – coupled with an open approach to network integration, customer programmability, and simplified standards-based deployment architectures.

As a Gartner leader in SDDC, and the creator of the spine-leaf topology, Arista’s SDDC delivers a unified binary image across the entire fleet of devices.© 

Arista leaf, universal spine network

CTM approaches SDDC solutions with Arista’s five As

1. Available Architecture: Delivers a self-healing architecture of quality and aperture of data-collection across a highly available leaf-spine network with link, path, device and network-wide redundancy;

2. Agile Work-X: Handles micro-services, such as workloads, work-streams, and workflows based on Arista universal cloud network foundation unlike legacy networks that are unaware of new microservices;

3. Automation: Supports workload mobility across the cloud network, and the emerging container infrastructures for rapid and agile provisioning in minutes instead of hours or days;

4. Analytics: Traces the cross-domain workflow information to quickly pinpoint problems through telemetry tracers; and,

5. Any Cloud API: Enables the state of the network (via Arista NetDBTM) and open APIs, seamlessly connecting the cloud and premises.                                     

Software Defined Networking for the campus

Arista’s Cognitive Cloud Networking for the Campus is based on three principles:

Universal Cloud Network – Offered as an alternative to brittle, proprietary solutions from legacy vendors, Arista UCN is an open, standards-based design focusing on software-driven control principles. Arista’s collapsed Spline™ approach consolidates traditional campus core and aggregation layers into a simple single tier with high availability. 

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Cognitive Management Plane – Arista Cloudvision now manages images, configurations and orchestrations across the entire Datacenter and campus. One tool for the entire network. In Q1 2019, Arista will announce their new POE platform to further interrupt the brittle management duties of legacy vendors.

Securing The Campus – In conjunction with security vendors, Arista Cloud vision allows direct integration of security policies once only meant for the datacentre, now pushed out to the campus.©

Software Driven WAN

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewalls, rated by NSS labs as a technology platform that offers 100% security against all evasions and register no false positives on non-malicious content. While meeting all the use cases of an SD-WAN solutions.

As enterprise and businesses move more and more into the cloud, and branches become even more disparate from the core network, it is critical to ensure the we as business stakeholders, can guarantee secure connections to applications and services without a hefty WAN cost.  

NGFW Report

Our Approach:

  • Replace/augment MPLS lines with commodity broadband
  • Accelerate SaaS apps with direct-to-Cloud connectivity
  • Mix and match multi-ISP links at each site
  • Set up site-to-site VPNs quickly with drag-and-drop
  • Slash downtime with high-availability clustering
  • Protect all locations with top-rated NGFW security
  • Manage more than 1000 sites from one console
  • See what’s happening everywhere in the network
  • Update policies at all sites in minutes, not hours

SDC-Wifi: Software defined Cognitivie Wi-Fi

Today’s wireless environments have to be readily available, support high through-put for voice and video, along with seamless roaming and scalability. This is a challenge for most administrators without having in depth visibility into the wireless landscape. Say hello to Arista MOJO, the first and only pure cognitive wireless platform.

MOJO enables wireless networks to learn, predict, protect, and progress, Arista’s Cognitive WiFi™ solution optimizes the wireless experience. Harnessing the power of the cloud, big data analytics, and automation, Cognitive WiFi augments network admin capacity with the power of intelligence, speed and accuracy. Through root cause analysis and proactive problem resolution options, Cognitive WiFi also reduces the mean-time-to-resolve problems, minimizing troubleshooting effort for the network.  

No more controllers, no more limitations, one subscription cost that enables the full features of Cognitive wifi. Managed as a cloud based application, Administrators can now access the wifi information from anywhere at anytime. The management plane is completely separate from the control and data planes, meaning your WIFI is never down, even if the cloud manager is unavailable. Create test scripts for your wifi environments and run them with the industries only tri-radio Access Points.©

Mojo Cognitive Wifi

cognitive wireless platform

Administrators can:

1. Group Access Points, per location, floor, room or levels

2. See every event per client association or AP

3. Have visibility into the performance of your wifi environment at a per application level.

4. Dynamically test wifi attributes such as, authentication, dhcp, latency, service availability and SNNR using MOJO’s dedicated 3rd radio.

CASB : Cloud Based Security Broker

How mature is your Cloud IT? As companies climb the digital transformation curve and move further into the cloud, visibility and protection of data becomes more and more difficult. Do you know who is trying to or successfully accessing the data in places like your O365, Dropbox, One-Drive or any of your cloud-based applications.

Discover, Rish assesment, protect and control

If securing the cloud is a concern for you as it is for most enterprise whether it be large or small, then you are not alone. CTM Professional Services can show you how to secure, manage and more importantly, action any attempted security breaches in “ANY” cloud-based application with Forcepoint CASB and the industry’s true first human-centric UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics).

Forcepoint CASB is the only product on the market that can secure every cloud application and SAAS product, including custom cloud apps, that your enterprise may use today.

  • Discover and risk-prioritize all unsanctioned cloud use (Shadow IT) to quickly and easily determine if applications meet governance rules and avoid compliance issues.
  • Unleash the power of BYOD with improved employee productivity and cost savings while ensuring security of employees and corporate resources in the cloud.
  • Identify anomalous and risky user behavior in the cloud to stop malicious users, as well as clamp down on user activities that don’t meet best practices.
  • Reduce the risk of exposing sensitive cloud data to unauthorized users in violation of governance and regulatory rules.
  • Identify potentially inappropriate privilege escalation to prevent the impact associated with root account takeover
  • Implement geo-location-based access and activity monitoring for legitimate users and malicious actors.
  • Track application usage for compliance, licensing, and cost savings of unused accounts

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